2016 Case-Writing Competition



Sinai Consulting Interest Group / Tri-Institute Consulting Club


2016 Case-Writing Competition

Description: The objective of this competition is to further enhances and demonstrate graduate students business acumen, structure generation, and creativity through writing a business case that is often seen in a case interview.

Eligibility: This competition is open to all non-MBA graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. You may enter individually or with another teammate (max 2 people / entry).

Entry details:

Required components of each entry:

  1. Case prompt. Industry is not limited.
  2. Notes for interviewer/case-giver
  3. Frame work
  4. At least 1 exhibit (no more than 3) in the form of bar or line graph/chart
  5. Solution for all parts of quantitative and qualitative questions
  6. A concluding slides including: recommendation, reasoning, risks, and next steps.
  7. The entirety of the case should be no more than 12 slides

Entry Submission: Submit your slides as a PDF file to:

Event Details:

Dates Time Description
April 3rd 9:00 AM Application opens
May 8th 11:59 PM Application closes
May 20th 4:00 PM Finalists Announced
June 3rd 1:00PM- 6:30PM Final RoundĀ @ Rockefeller University

Final Round will include a presentation of each selected finalist to consultants from various companies who will be serving as judges, and a networking event held afterwards. The organizers will not be responsible for any travel reimbursement. Further Final Round details are TBA.

Prizes: TBA.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at

Please note that by submitting your work to the case competition, you are agreeing to have your work published in our future casebooks. You will be acknowledged in the casebooks for your contribution.


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