Anyone can initiate Projects within the scope of CIG’s mission as long as at least 2 supporting participating members join the team and 2 board members approve of the mission/project/initiative. The projects must have defined milestones, a timeline, and success measures.

Initiatives can have Projects within them that are proposed and led by separate initiators

Case Study Practice
Type: Workshop and groups sessions that meet regularly
Initiator: Ben Yen
Board Member Support: Susana Bardina, Suzanna Katz, Nikos Tzavaras, Kevin Guise

Digital Health and the Internet of Things
Type: workshop series ending in a demo
Initiator: Suzanna Katz
Current Team:
Hardware and IoT- Pete Backeris, Joe Borrello (Rapid Prototyping Center)
Technology/Machine Learning – Aslihan Dincer
User Interface/Design – Recruiting
Social Media – Ben Yen
Nueroscience Lead -Recruiting
Technology partnerships: IBM BlueMix, OpenBCI, 3d Systems

First Sinai Hackathon – December 2015
Type: Rapid Prototyping Center workshops ending in a hackathon
Initiator: Pete Backeris and Joe Borrello
Technology partnerships: OpenBCI, 3d Systems

Open Allocation Infrastructure (Initiative)
Initiator: Suzanna Katz
Open Projects within this Initiative that require leadership

Website Upgrade and Visualization of organizational architecture
Digitization of Elections

Initiator: Jamel Meslamani

Board Member Support: Suzanna Katz

Community Consulting Initiative

Initiator: Suzanna Katz

Board Member Support: Ben Yen, Kevin Guise

Participating Member Support: