2019 Current Officers

President – Nikos Tzavaras
role – Oversees and coordinates all CIG related events

Directors of Operations – Ruben Fernandez-Rodriguez and Nabila Founounou
role – coordinate weekly operations and organization of CIG. Host networking events with industry to expose CIG members to the consulting / industry opportunities. sinaicig email support; non technical logistics of elections (work with Directors of IT and Social Media to digitize and organize all CIG related information/media)
initiative opportunity – create efficient processes for daily or repetitive operations

Director of Finance & Graduate School Liaison – Nabila Founounou
role – creation and submission/approval of budgets
initiative opportunity – fundraising and external funding application

Director of Social Media and Communication – Princess Sutherland
role – maintenance of social media presence and updates of social events; photography and promotional media maintenance for events (work closely with Director of IT)
initiative opportunity – creation of new social media outlets and branding material for CIG

Director of IT – Sait Ozturk  linkedin-icon-png-4 google-scholar-logo.png 35929070-email-icon-on-blue-background-clean-vector.jpg
role – oversee digital presence and support for all technology related projects/initiatives; digitization of all current CIG related initiatives (work closely with Director of Social Media and Communications)
initiative opportunity – visualizing CIG organizational structure / conceive an i-voting platform for CIG elections

Directors of Casing and Skill development – Leo Munari and Lei Guo
role – work closely with other board members to organize speaker events, workshops, and hackathons; work with Directors of External Affairs to organize speaker events and recruit mentors; help design sessions/promote opportunities that will allow CIG members to develop their skills necessary for business development, consulting, etc.
initiative opportunity -planning to create skill development workshops for the development of a non-research skill rubric and glossary for the various career paths
initiative opportunity – teach a workshop or recruit mentors/volunteers to teach one.

Directors of External Affairs – Deborah Watman and Abhishek Sahasrabudhe
role – represent CIG at external events and forward career and contact opportunities with industry and other related organizations; interact and reach out to CIG alumni
initiative opportunity – organize industry speaker and networking events

Suzanna Katz, PhD student: Dept of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics (Past President/Initiating Officer)

Permanent Board Members:
Susana Bardina, PhD student: Microbiology/Virology (Past VP of Industry Relations/Initiating Officer)
Ben Chadwick, (Past VP of Social Media/Initiating Officer)
Nikos Tzavaras, Postdoc Fellow: Dept of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics (Past VP of Curriculum Planning/Initiating Officer)
Benjamin Yen, PhD student: Microbiology/Virology (Initiating Officer: Case-Study Workshops)

Alumni Board members:

Kevin Guise

Benjamin Yen

Laura Zheng

Sanya Anand

Jamel Meslamani

Maria Suprun

Suzanna Katz

Stephanie Duhoux

Yan Kou

Jose Sanchez

Adriana Arita

Irini Margine

Benjamin Chadwick

PARTICIPATING MEMBERS (participants who attended 3+ events)
Tuyen Nguyen, PhD student: Dept of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics/Neuroscience
John Mariani, PhD student, Neuroscience
Jessca Levingston Macleod, Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Microbiology
Aslihan Dincer, PhD student, Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences
Elizabeth Quezada, Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Oncology
Muhammad A. Parvaz, Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Psychiatry
Michael Schotsaert, Postdoc Fellow, Dept of Microbiology
Qian Wang, Postdoc Fellow, Genetics & Genomics
Alesha Grant, PhD student, Department of Microbiology
Michael Miller, MD/PhD student, Neuroscience
Victor Bornstein, PhD student, Immunology Institute

MEMBERS (100+ list serve participants – currently private except those listed above)