List Serve

Our google groups list serve ( is a medium for all members to receive notifications of networking/informational events which might aid the members in becoming more versed in their desired industry. These announcements are by no means limited to traditional management consulting as our group has diverse interests in fields like bioengineering, big data, entrepreneurship, clinical trial management, technology development, and equity research. We also post results of our mock case and interview presentations and provide links and documents to relevant resources.

If you are already a CIG list serve member and want to access our google group directly, click on the link below (you must be logged into your gmail):

SinaiCIG Google Group

Professional Development

Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Networking, Business email etiquette

Awareness Building

Speakers (ex: from various types of consulting backgrounds);

Info workshops (ex: job opportunities in consulting, life cycle of a consulting engagement, consulting in academia);

Skill Building

Learning the basic frameworks, case studies, problem solving, identifying key issues, business math/finance, mini MBA lectures (topics like marketing, accounting, organizational behavior, operations, product development, etc)

Mentor Engagement

Building a network and database of Alumni and Faculty who can offer mentorship


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